LaText - Biography

Petar Tchouhov - poetry, vocals, guitar
Elena Peneva - vocals
Ivan S. Valev - bass, vocals
Grisha Manikatov - drums


The purpose of LaText is to combine the subtleness of poetry with the energy of rock music. To present poems in compositions where the text floats above the music or immerses into it without being vocalized. Our locations are clubs, but also the big stages. In fact – all the places that can accommodate a drum kit, amplifiers and microphones. Plus at least one person willing to listen.

We perform our pieces in both Bulgarian and English and the texts are actually poems by Petar Tchouhov – many of them published in his poetry books and in various periodicals in Bulgaria and abroad. The music is by Ivan Valev and Petar Tchouhov and musical arrangements are made in the group.
Although on some ideas we had worked before, we set the beginning when we first appeared in public, which took place at the forum By the Mammoth at Sofia University on Feb 29, 2012. After that came the participations in Plovdiv’s Festival Father Paisius Str.; followed by the Weeks of Reading as organized by Sofia: Poetics; the Little Season of Sfumato Theatre in Sofia;  the festival Sofia Breathes; all of this culminating in the appearance on the big stage in front of the National Theatre as part of the Sofia:Poetics’ International Edition. By the end of the same year we participated in Poetic Strings in Harmanli, southeastern Bulgaria, and the festival Street New Life - 20 Years After Dimitar Voev in the capital. Originally, we started out as a trio, but for our participation in Sofia: Poetics in the autumn of 2012 we were joined by Elena Peneva who enriches the group’s sound and vision through her voice and presence on the stage.

For us it is important to keep a good balance between poetry and music, between what is serious and what is fun, between pleasure and work. If we manage – the next round is on us!